Greetings from Cynthia!

Awesome Ambitions 2Helping young girls achieve their Awesome Ambitions makes me smile.
My motivation is simple.  I am thankful to all of the men and women who
encouraged and inspired me when I was a young girl.  I am grateful for my mother who challenging me to try new things and gave me loving advice and guidance throughout my life.  I think about the youth leaders in my church, my neighbors, my teachers and my family who were all there cheering me on–giving me hope to believe that I be anything I want to be if I’m willing to have faith in God, make a plan, work hard and be ready to overcome obstacles.  My success in life, spiritually, personally and professionally,  is also their success.  That’s why I am driven to be a powerful, loving, challenging voice for other young girls.
So, when I came to Kansas City in 1997 I reached out to Angela Curry, former columnist with the Kansas City Star, and we co-founded Awesome Ambitions. Now, Awesome Ambitions is Kansas City’s leading all-volunteer mentoring organization for high school girls.  Through the years dozens of business women have volunteered their time to mentor more than 3,000 girls–mainly from Kansas City Public Schools and some charter schools in the urban core. The focus of our goal-setting program is to help our girls graduate high school, go to college and graduate college.  I am honored to have a role in this powerful movement called, Awesome Ambitions.

Hello From Cynthia!

It is my honor to be a part of the Kansas City Community!  Since 1997, I have been privileged to call Kansas City my home and to spend my time with the incredible staff and crew at NBC 41 Action News!

In the past 18 years, my husband Ed and I have been very involved in the community. From co-founding Awesome Ambitions to sharing my journey with breast cancer, we are committed to Kansas City.  This website is dedicated to Kansas City and we will be sharing Newsome News with you- items that are Newsome News”worthy” and philanthropy.

Cynthia Newsome